Christofer Goodwin

CBDaily Premium Infusions

Case Study

A Bold New Entry into the Health and Wellness Sector

CBDaily was looking to enter the industry, which saw rapid growth around 2018. However, as it is a new hemp product, most consumers were only aware of CBD’s medical benefits in helping tolerate seizures. But there are many other medicinal benefits, giving CBD shelf space in most health and wellness stores.

My objective was to create a brand and product that would stand out on the shelves against an increasingly long list of competitors. There are also many common misconceptions and distrust surrounding CBD, as it is a part of the cannabis and hemp industry that needs to be addressed. Establishing a reputation for industry knowledge and quality would be our biggest challenge as a brand.


Create a brand that stands out in the current CBD industry and the health and wellness sector. In addition, we needed to inform potential customers about CBD and how it can help benefit them.


I created a brand identity that stood out in the CBD retail space. Using dark, rich colors, our product’s bold appearance caught the consumer’s eye. As a result, we were able to successfully market our product to over thirty retail health stores in the Midwest.

Developing The Strategy

When I was contacted by Client Fielder, owner of CBDaily Premium Infusions, we set up a brand strategy meeting to dig into what we needed to accomplish as a brand. First, we discussed the rapidly growing CBD industry and laid out the regulations we needed to follow. Then we looked at the competition; we needed to study what was successful but find a way to stand out in the crowd.

Understanding the Customers

The CBD industry has been proliferating. As more information on CBD’s benefits has become available, so has the list of potential customers. Consumers within the cannabis industry were already accepting CBD as a health product. But many consumers in the health and wellness sector have kept their guard regarding products that could coincide with THC due to its legality issues. So, getting in front of these customers and explaining CBDaily’s products and Benefits was vital.

Defining the Brand

During our brand strategy session, we defined and refined the brand’s key attributes. These attributes helped us create the feel of the brand from the very start.


As CBDaily was looking to join the health and wellness sector, we needed to emphasize the natural aspect of our products. It was also essential to express safety by being transparent with the accuracy of our CBD product’s testing results.

Product label Design

From the start, CBDaily understood how important it was to invest in its product production. With so many CBD companies spending more on printing would be the most impactful way to push past the competition. So, employing my print knowledge of foil stamping, plate stamping, and full color, I created premium elements to help accentuate each product.

Website Design

I discussed this with the business owner, and we decided the website would be a simple one-pager focused on Ecommerce. We wanted to be informative to help build customer relationships as an industry leader. I created a password-enabled wholesale page with a printable wholesale sheet. This allowed our B2B partners to quickly check updated wholesale pricing before ordering.

Social Posts

We used social posts to help build awareness for the events the brand would be attending. From those events, we generated more followers through our product giveaways. Unable to market on Google and other social platforms, we took advantage of our social following by posting a call to action for sales/deals on the website.

Event Display Design

A physical presence as a brand allows a personal connection with customers. We used QR codes at events to easily manage giveaways while collecting email addresses for email marketing purposes. We collected over five hundred emails over the twenty events attended between 2018 and 2020.


CBDaily successfully secured over forty wholesale clients with retail storefronts. They also processed and fulfilled thousands of orders through their eCommerce website. However, CBDaily needed to adapt to the strict CBD online marketing rules and could not advertise its products online. In addition, their website has shut down due to a dispute with the eCommerce merchant. Nevertheless, CBDaily had a successful two-year run and is currently rebuilding on the ground floor to stay afloat in the volatile CBD market.



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